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Yarn baby #2

I finished up my second skein of yarn Tuesday night, rushing to get it balled up before knitting circle so I could take it there and show it off! Proud mom! lol! I skeined it last night and gave it a bath, then hung it on the porch this morning to dry in the open air. I think it did it a world of good...



Ooooo! Aaaaaah!

I ended up with roughly 128 yards, which feels pretty good to me. I can actually make something with that, so I'm very pleased. All in all, I think it came out nicely. Better than Yarn Baby #1, but still a little rough. I'm improving!

Congratulated myself by taking a yarn shopping trip down to my LYS, A Loom with a View.  I got two skeins of Mirasol Miski in lilac. If you haven't fondled this yarn yet... get thee to a yarn shop! It is just luscious. It's 100% baby llama, and with a generous 82 yd. skein, the price is very very reasonable. It's a nice aran weight, I'd say, at 18st/10cm on US8s. I'm going to make a pair of fingerless gloves for a friend.

I also got a bunch of yarn for felting. I've promised a friend who owns an art gallery several felted bags in time for Christmas. She has a specific display she'd like to do and, upon seeing my little multi-colored scrap bag, she fell in love. So I bought 3 skeins of various purples in Lamb's Pride Bulky (I think I should have gotten worsted... ) to start with. I also have an idea for a particular bag, based on a cottage tea cosy I felted and ribbon-embroidered for a friend:

I am so damned proud of this thing. Just look at that ribbon embroidery!

so cool!

So I thought I might adapt the idea into a handbag. I got a skein of Ella rae classic in a nice sagey green for the house, and a skein of SWTC Karaoke in a variegated brown for the roof. Betsy had a sample of the karaoke felted up, and I was completely sold. It is going to be so cute! Now I just have to design the thing. lol! I'm not worried about the basics of it - a house is a pretty obvious rectangle. And I think I'll overstitch the door and shutters to make it easier on myself. The handles are what has me stumped so far. I need to think of a way to attach them that won't distract from the cottage design.

I'm looking forward to a very relaxing long weekend with my Mister. I was stressing out about Things We Have To Do, until the Mister said "let's not do anything this weekend. I just want us to spend time together enjoying each other." Awwww! Isn't he delightful! So our big holiday weekend plans are pretty sedate: cooking (tomatoes and eggplants are taking over the veg garden), walks, painting, knitting, maybe a movie, dinner out one night, maybe a drive up to Kittery, ME to pick up some lobsters, wine tasting on Saturday at a local wine store... Oh! And a Fireman's Chili Cookoff in downtown Amesbury on Saturday! Fun! We've tried to make this event two years in a row and something always came up. The first year we heard about it too late, and last year I think it poured and we assumed they'd use the rain date. They did not. So we missed it again. But this year for sure!

If you don't hear from me until Tuesday, have a fun and safe weekend all!