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Whoopsie! Forgot the cat pictures!

Now, for his blog debut, I give you my familiar and dearest love, BOOGER!

Aka Boober, Mister Booger, Boo, Stompy McPawpads, Harfy, Damn Cat, etc. He's been my beloved companion through thick and thin for almost his entire 13 years. Yep, the big guy is getting up there. I keep thinking he's just a baby, what with his running around like a kitten getting into everything, but it's just not true. We are, indeed, getting old. Boo! :-(

A little known fact: He was at one point in his life literally held captive by an ex (I couldn't make this shit up) and had to be rescued by his Uncle Dougie with threats and stealth!

Here he is helping me with my knitting. Note to self - always wind center pull balls from now on...