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September 20th, 2007

SP11 Package #1 received!

Rushed home from work this afternoon - need to pack everything for our big trip to Common Ground Fair tomorrow morning, and make it to spinning circle for 6(ish) - and there, on my porch rocker... a package!!!

Opened it in a fit of squealing. Too bad no one was home but the cat, and the neighbors chose that moment to walk by my open window to pick up their mail. *blush*

Here is what I found:

A Hydrangea note card (one of my favorite flowers!) and FIVE pretty packages! What could they BE?!?!?

A big fat book - "Sweater Design in Plain English". My pal knows I've been challenged by redesigning a sweater recently.
Addi Turbos for Lace (size 5, 32")
Beautiful amber glass bead stitch markers
JR Watkins All Natural (again, my pal pays attention! *grins*) hand and cuticle salve in Citrus (and again - a favorite scent!)

Hmmm.... Addi turbos for knitting lace, beautiful glass bead stitchmarkers, and salve.... it's starting to feel like there's something tying these things together.... Ah! Maybe it's on the CD....


How madly in lust am I with with pattern? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I have a PILE of mindless knitting in my WIP basket... I think a little challenging lace knitting will be just the thing to break up all that tedium! O thank you thank you thank you Secret Pal! Truly you are made of awesome! :-)

I think those stitch markers deserve a closer look.

Everyone together now... Ooooo! Aaaaah!

Alright, I have packing, cleaning, laundry and spinning to do (and miles to go before I sleep? heh). Have a nice weekend, all, and I'll be back on Sunday with plenty of photos and plenty (i'm sure) to add to my stash on Ravelry! lol!!